Jessica Rabbit

Jessica Cosplays: fan art obsession

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When I started drawing Jessica Rabbit in cosplay costumes I never expected it to continue on as long as it has.
Jessica Rogue Colour

I have my good friend Pauline to thank for the idea of doing them in the first place!
When she said “Draw Jessica Rabbit!!!” a light bulb went on! So I drew her first request, Rogue from X-men. (which she has the original of)

Jessica Mystique Colour

The early images varied in style.  I quickly ditched the pencil shading for cleaner and quicker colouring methods. I experimented with darker comic book inking shades and background styles.

Jessica Super Girl

Eventually, I found a style that worked! I started editing all the older images to match in.

You can see here below how one was re-worked to fit in with the final style I decided on!

Jessica Black Cat

Jessica Black Cat

I have a pretty fast system for firing them out now.
I sketch them up on trains or when sitting in comfortable company! Many of them have been drawn at the aforementioned Pauline’s house. She still enthusiastically messages me character ideas too!

My gals even went a bit viral!
It was the Jessica Jack Skellington that started the ball rolling. After posting to Facebook the shares went into the thousands and suddenly articles started appearing showing my series! I was so excited!

Jessica Jack Skellington

My stomach churned when I got an email from Her creator, Gary K. Wolf (YES he is still creating stories with these fab characters! He’s a very nice bloke and you should check out his site!).
I thought he was going to ask me to stop but he didn’t!
He just liked my fan art and emailed to say so.
The response has been humbling.
People have had the drawings tattooed on themselves and all sorts!
I am really grateful to everyone that shared the images and has supported me so far!
I have even had some really fun commission requests! (I am always open to suggestions.)

Jessica Austin

Jessica Gunn

Jessica Hogan

Jessica Michaels

Jessica Ultimate Warrior

There are just so many of them now and I keep doing more!
So here they all are so far up to date.

How many do you recognize? 

If you want a print, click on the image, it will take you right to the web shop.
If you just want to have a good old gander at them, here they are!

Jessica Rabbit

Jessica Alice

Jessica Tinkerbell

Jessica Ariel

jessica Evil Queen A5


Jessica Megera

Jessica Snow

Jessica Bride of Frankenstein

Jessica Lily Munster

Jessica Morticia Addams

Jessica Elvira

Jessica Powergirl

Jessica Super Girl

Jessica Catwoman

Jessica Catwoman

Jessica Poison Ivy

Jessica Suicide Harley

Jessica Original Harley

Jessica Wonder Woman


jessica storm

Jessica Marge print

Jessica Edea

Jessica Jessie

Jessica Lara

jessica Tifa

Jessica Vampirella

Jessica Chun Li

Jessica Cammy

Jessica Jury

Jessica McDonald

Jessica Black Cat

Jessica Sally

Jessica Jack Skellington

Jessica Rogue Colour

Jessica jinx

Jessica Smurfette

Jessica Angel

Jessica Cheetara

Jessica Rainbow Brite

Jessica Rainbow Dash

Jessica She Ra

Jessica Evilynne

Jessica Blackwidow

Jessica X23

Jessica Mystique

Jessica Leia Slave

Jessica Leia Consulate

jessica Tank Girl

jessica Mary J