Up and coming events (and why I am so busy)

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Hi guys!

Events are all pouring in just now – This is what my schedule is looking like currently.

MCM ScotlandSecc Glasgow 26/27th Sept
Big Glasgow Comic and Craft Fair: Trades Hall Glasgow 3rd Oct 2015
Nottingham ComicCon: Conference Centre Nottingham 24 Oct 2015
Big Glasgow Comic and Craft Fair: Trades Hall Glasgow 31st Oct 2015
Big Glasgow Comic and Craft Fair: Trades Hall Glasgow 16th Nov 2015 (TBC)
Big Glasgow Comic and Craft Fair: Trades Hall Glasgow 28th Nov 2015 (TBC)
Geekmania 2: Abertay Students Union Dundee 5th Dec 2015
Capital Sci Fi Con: Medowbank Sports Center Edinburgh 27/28 Feb 2016
Hero Conventions: EICC Edinburgh 2/3rd April 2016

And these are just the ones I have confirmed/applied for! That isn’t including all the illustration and comic work I have been working on!

So, the last few months have been hectic… but by no means Hell!

– I have completed City of Lost Souls #3 which can be ordered from www.moomac.bigcartel.com
– I did colour and lettering work for Cult Empire for their up and coming Horror Story; a fabulous compendium of short stories by George Lennox and had the privilege of working with the artwork of the talented Norrie Miller.
– I have done some more sketch work for television, a pilot coming up soon which I as of yet don’t know the name of
– I have been working on a short story for the successfully funded The Grime which is an horror anthology brought out by James McCulloch in which I am penciling a story for Dave Cook of Bust which will be inked by the superb Garry Robertson!
– I have taken on a new book from Ed Wicke which I am really excited about!
– Still working on 13 with David McCluskey and am soon to get sunk back into this!
Untitled by Mike Gillan is coming along and we are waiting on the delayed release of the Kickstarter.
– Soon I will be starting work on City of Lost Souls #4
– There is a couple of new Jessica Cosplays to add to the site (when I have time) and available in time for MCM
– Lastly I have a good few personal commissions in place too!

If I missed anything here then that is because I am so busy!

Busy, busy, busy!

But this is what it is like being a freelance Artist. your time is precious and you have to be sensible about the projects you take on. If this is your job, you really can’t do anything for free – you can’t afford the time!
I have taken on too much… this I am aware of, but I am also aware that sensible scheduling of time means it is all achievable.

In the mean time I have had to postpone my comic reviews, and I have made sure not to burn out by having some lovely company in between work.
I have taken on table buddies for conventions, a small commission based sales pay means they will make as much as they can sell.. and it frees me up to network, peruse and take breaks.

You may notice from my list of work above that I have also broken down my work into sections for paid comic work!
Pencils, colours and Lettering are my favored sections – I enjoy inking my own work but feel it is not my strong suit so that I prefer to leave to other artists. Whilst I like to work on all of the comic aspects in a project… one writer, one artist: it is time consuming and not practical for earning. Those projects which I do this with are limited to the ones I really really want to work on, and I only take on work I feel inspired by if I am already busy.

In all honesty, if you were looking to work in comics, I would tell you straight. It is satisfying, but it is not well paid. Not for the level of work involved, so do this if it is you passion!
Regular illustration work and commissions pay far better and selling your work as prints is financially more viable. Being a freelance artist means hard work, and making sure you don’t let people down. Making sure you don’t burn yourself out. Making sure you value your skills properly and realistically.

But mostly, being friendly and sociable. Networking is very important and supporting your fellow creators is far more valuable than seeing them as competition.



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