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Things I find exciting

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Okay… So this could be quite a broad category.
I am excitable by nature – but this is cool stuff I found that deserves a look!

First exciting thing, comic Blood Red Moon through Geeky Kid Comics is an open kickstarter right now. By gosh it looks pretty! I am backing it, the art is fantastic and it has been doing well in its first few days.

Second exciting thing, Issue #3 of Wart is also on its kickstarter! I loved the first two issues, it is a fun and dark Lovecraftian adventure. the art is super and it is highly engaging. Again, check it out, with 23 days to go and less than £50 to raise I am sure they will make this one!

Thrice exciting is that there is the event on August the 1st at the Dreadnought in Bathgate!
It is a charity event, with lots of fun goodies to win in raffles, music, bands and cool stuff!

£10 a ticket if you can make it, I sadly can’t as I am previously booked that day (see next item) so I donated two signed prints, Elvis and Monroe!



Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

https://nrscot.ticketlight.co.uk/ for tickets 🙂

Last super fun exciting thing is that I am all geared up for the next month of awesome weekends!

This weekend 25/26th July Rewind Music festival with my Dad and Step-mum where we get to see live bands from the 80’s! You will probably not be able to contact me!
Next weekend 1st August Geekmania at the Dundee Abertay Students union. Geeky themed craft fair on my home turf!
August 7th -10th I will be visiting my very good friend in Glasgow, and on the 8th is The Big Glasgow Comic and Craft Fair in the Trades hall. Good times ahead! Come see my extended comics lovin’ family, Cosplay, enjoy the music and atmosphere!
August 15th, my sister is having her hen party, and the 22nd… Wedding day! Woohoo!
Now obviously as much as I am excited about the crafty events and stuff… Nothing tops my wee Sis tying the knot finally with her partner Robert, after a very long time and two kids together! Owen will officially be my Nephew (and sister’s stepson) and My sister becomes one of the McMahons.

So… If I am busy, distracted or don’t get back to you asap, please forgive me but this is a month of SQUEE! and running from Bridezilla. Just kidding, she organized it all in less than 3 months notice… so proud of her xxx

Oh, did I forget to mention our own comic project Untitled is coming soon to Kickstarter? it is a one off Graphic Novel about a writer who sinks into alcoholism to find his muse. Imagine his shock when he does. Literally, and the Muse is not what he expected!

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  1. Sis you are super awesome! And I’m super proud of all you have achieved in the last last two years specifically! Although I’m always proud you have really made something of your self! And hey of course brideZilla is around. Lol! I’m excited to have you by my side and everyone else of course. Exciting times ahead officially only 4 weeks today. Ahhhhh! X

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