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Wicked Tales 5 Illustration 17

Wicked Tales 5 Illustration 17

You know, I like to keep myself busy.
I procrastinate a lot too – sure, but I work away like a little bee.
The trouble is, there are so many flowers that I want to shove my face into!

I take on too many projects and juggling all of them means that sometimes I get so distracted I forget things. A lot of things.
So how does a scatty artist manage herself and still be able to stay on top of the projects?

I am learning a diary is essential. Avoiding things that have no gain such as xbox or app games helped too. I use travel time for sketching, crochet, reading and watch trashy films as I work, or listen to audio books (this way I can still take in books when I have little reading time).

I don’t feel doing this that I am over working either, because I do take days out to spend time with my best friends and those I can really relax in the company of.
So far, this has been working for me!

I have learned to not get over excited about projects I can’t provide time for, and not to take them on when I just have no more room for them. This means for the future being very selective about the projects you commit to. I am lucky to have some good writers under my belt that I enjoy working with. It is spending time with them and working with friends on images that keeps me going.

I try to encourage everyone. It is never a competition, inspiration is a two way street for me and there is no room for jealousy or putting yourself down if you love creating things.
The buzz I get from discussion of ideas and excited rambling conversations makes me want to continue. It isn’t about money, it is about creation; but we have to make a living too. Far too many of my extended creative family really sell themselves short and this has been something I struggled with for years. How do you put a price on your work?

Mostly, in managing my time and trying to keep on top of things, just getting it done is the key. Sitting about and thinking, ‘I want to do this, I have an idea’ but not acting on it is a waste. I teetered at the edge of the garden for years admiring the flowers and sniffing their scent on the air, but until I dove in face first and started snorting all that lovely pollen I was going nowhere.

Now I got so much honey coming out my butt that I just wanna share the love before I drown in it!

Buzz Buzz!

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